Ardrey Kell Ladies Volleyball Team Get Ready For A Hometown Rival

“I think a lot of us, lie we have played with a lot of Providence people as well in like club volleyball and things like that, so be able to play against them instead of with them, definitely brings the competition,” said a Lady Knight.

And for the Lady Knights of Ardrey Kell, they have had not problem so far this season handling the competition. They currently sit and 18 and 3 on the season and find themselves in first place in the South Meck 4A conference.

“I am really excited where we are at this year. I think that we all have worked so hard on connection and everything like that. I think everyone putting in so much work. It does not matter if they are on the bench or on the court, I think it is a really exciting season,” said senior Bailey Grogan.

One reason for the success this year on the court, as well as the success of the program as a whole, is the Head Coach, Zoe Belle, who coached at Providence before coming to Ardrey Kell.

Senior Gio Salinas says, “Our coach is a very aggressive but talented coach. She knows a lot about the sport and she has done it for many years and she is just a very great coach in general.”

And one other reason why this volleyball team has been so successful this season has been the leadership of this senior class.

“Yea, like I have said a few times before, I mean connection is just a huge thing for our team. So we have honestly played together for years and years. We have just grown a connection with each other,” said Grogan.

This group of seniors wants everyone to know why they should show up and support high school volleyball.

Salinas says, “I think it is a very special sport. There are not a lot of sports that look like it or that resemble it in any way. So I think it is just very interesting. Whenever people come they saythat was very fun to watch.”