Ardrey Kell Looking For Leadership From All As The Knights Prepare For The Fall

CHARLOTTE, NC – The Knights of Ardrey Kell finished last season 8 and 3 overall and 5 and 1 in the South Meck 4A Conference.  That was good enough to finish second in the conference.  In 2023, the Knights are looking for more.

“I really don’t think we have a ceiling.  I mean if we come in and get the job done, we work hard, we stay positive, I think we can go far,”  said Hudson Rollar, a Knights senior.

“We have a ton of athletes that are pretty unheard of in the area, but I feel like we can make a really big impact this season,” said Jake Davids, another Knights senior.

Looking to be the top dog in this tough conference, the players, especially the seniors know it might take more mentally than physically on the gridiron.

“I want everyone to be positive and bring that positive vibe.  I don’t want any negativity.  We want everyone to stay up as a team. We lift each other up and we do better.  Everyone plays better when the vibes is up,” said Rollar.

“I feel the culture, especially this year with these players, I mean we have been playing together for however many years, seven or eight.  I feel like, especially this summer and in the spring we really came together as a team,” said Davids.

And with the culture built on positivity and playing together, that means players stepping up as leaders.

“Our biggest emphasis this year was finding leadership, even without the captains, finding leaders all over the field.  In the special teams, O line, D line, the positions groups, corners, everywhere, we need leaders to step up,” said Davids.