Dry January With Courtney Friel

The FIRST FULL EPISODE is here! And we have a GREAT episode to kick it off!

Want to feel more FOCUSED, GAIN mental clarity and DITCH brain fog? Then join the trend that’s taken January by storm…where you kick booze to the curb for an entire month! We’ve got tips for Dry January from sobriety advocate, Courtney Friel. Courtney is a TV host in Los Angeles and one of Anna’s friends from her TV days in New York City. Courtney is 13 years sober and wrote the book, TONIGHT AT TEN. KICKING BOOZE AND BREAKING NEWS. Hear Courtney’s story about how sobriety changed her life and turned her into a mom of two.

We are excited to share her TOP TIPS to break that alcohol cycle up! We all need to take a break every now and then – A break from booze is a great option — even if alcohol isn’t a problem for you.

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