Garinger Football Looks To Overcome The Odds In 2023

CHARLOTTE, NC – Take a brand new coach hired in May and combine that with a team that has less than thirty players and what do you get?  The Garinger Wildcats who are ready to shock the Queen City high school football scene in 2023.

“Believe, that is what we have been talking about all summer long.  Believe, we are at the bottom of the totem pole right now, but it is a great opportunity to shock some people,” said Head Coach Josh Williams.

That has been the message of new Head Coach, Josh Williams since day one when the football team consisted of five players.  Coach Williams says it is all a work in progress.

“We are progressing, every single day is a progression.  We started off with five guys and now we are up to thirty maybe.  But again it is all about progression.  Got some doughnuts in the cafeteria to win them real quick.  They came out and they have been locked in since then.  So it is all growing,” Williams said.

And for it to continue to grow during the hot summer practices and into the season, Coach Williams will need to rely on his seniors for leadership and they are certainly ready for the task at hand.

“Hard work, don’t give up, sprint through the finish line and keep going. I am telling you that now.  We are coming to hit hard and play hard,” said Wildcats Senior, Jeremiah Stallings.