It Is Make Or Break For The Eagles

CHARLOTTE, NC – The East Mecklenburg Eagles are a young program, where every player has a role.

“Every player is definitely valued a lot. Even freshmen, sophomores ,we use every player we can as important pieces to the game on varsity and J.V.,” said junior left tackle Frank Guzman.

Their goal; turn around the way people perceive their team.

“Just not being known as the old East Mecklenburg. A new environment, having more variety of players that can play different positions to help out the team,” said junior middle linebacker Takel Massey.

This season is a turning point for East Meck, specifically for head coach Lennie Sanders, in his third year at the helm, and for the juniors who have been with him from the beginning.

“This is pretty much the make or break for as far as them buying in. So they bought in freshman year they took the bumps and bruises, sophomore year should’ve been a better year than it was but because of certain situations thing didn’t pan out as they should have. But now it is more about changing their hearts and minds and make sure they understand how this thing is developing,” said Sanders.

In order to drive the point home and make sure every single player has bought in, sanders brought together a coaching staff from all walks of life.

“Some adjustments in the coaching staff. I brought in some fresh new blood, guys who have been in their shoes, guys who are recently graduated from college scholarships, they have worked hard. I have also brought in some coaches from NASCAR pit crews, which have actually helped develop that whole working together mentality. I mean that is what they do in NASCAR and just from bringing those guys in I have started learning more so about how working together helps the whole program,” said Sanders.

While implementing new systems and schemes are important, such as the running attack they plan to dominate with this year, he also wants his players to know why they put the work in.

“Instead of just seeing it from a football standpoint of oh its a and b and exes and ohs, seeing it on how you prepare for the game, how you prepare in the classroom, how you prepare in everything to reach your end goal,” said Sanders.

The East Meck Eagles open up their season on Friday August 18, 2023 on the road against Phillip O. Berry Academy.