North Iredell Lady Raiders Volleyball Wins A State Championship

OLIN, NC – “They all knew what was at stake and they started this almost a year ago to the date preparing for it.”

A year ago, the Lady Raiders of North Iredell came up one match short of winning a state title. This year, they would not be denied.

“The most important thing for me was for them to be able to accomplish this because this has been a goal. This group has been together for a long time. I think it is just a fitting end for what we wanted to accomplish.”

North Iredell defeated J.H. Rose on Saturday to win the state championship. The Lady Raiders thankful for a coach who guided them there.

“Coach Markland came in our sophomore year and i think that is when i grew the most and i think the team can also account for that, that we all learned the most when he got here so i think we progressed alot and then just over our junior year and into our senior year, that is when it all came together.”

When it comes to winning a state championship, the Lady Raiders told me there were three things they needed all season long. One, great coaching, check; two, great teamwork, check; and three, the support of great fans, check.

“I know i turned to Emma during the game and I was like, we could hear them and I was like Emma that is for us. It just means a lot, that there is a lot of people that support us and i know we are very appreciative of that.”

For this group of six seniors, this title is about a lot more than just a trophy.

“We are leaving a legacy that even if there are obstacles in your course, like losing last year, we overcame that and we won this year and that is what matters.”