Providence Day Pushes For The “Three-Peat”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Providence Day Chargers got in the groove the last two seasons and they aren’t afraid to show it.

Back to back NCISAA state championships have the Chargers feeling confident.

“Defending a title is harder than actually getting it you know, trying to stay on top of the mountain and I am just glad we were able to get that done you know. That was Jadyn (Davis) first year so having to adjust to a new quarterback, but I feel like we handled it pretty well,” said Channing Goodwin, a senior wideout and defensive back on the Chargers, already committed to the University of Michigan.

“I’m gonna be honest I feel like we went back to back because of our culture you know. We are a real family based team and everybody is just tight with eachother, you see everybody even me as well, we are talking to the young kids talking to the middle schoolers we all just bond based off of that. So I feel like that’s what makes us good just playing for eachother,” said Jordan Shipp, a senior wideout and defensive back, already committed to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

If you look on the back of the shirts during practice, you will see one of two things printed; “Family” and “Hard Work Works”. Head Coach Chad Grier attributes his two titles in his first three seasons to these two philosophies.

“I think we are so committed to a process, and that sounds so cliché now, but it really is a journey that we are on and I think our deal right now is, a lot of guys have the will to win but do they have the will to prepare to win and you know we try to put them in uncomfortable controlled chaos situations to create adversity, because we are going to face it, I mean the schedule we are playing is a lot of talented teams that are really well coached and we can’t skip ahead,” said Grier.

With four Division One commits, including quarterback Jadyn Davis in his second year with the team, the Chargers know they will be the game circled on every opponent and critics calendar.

And that is just the way they like it.

“We’re not worried about them. As long as we take care of what we do within this field, with us, with our boys, with our family, we will be fine you know. I feel like we got the best overall team in the Carolinas and a top team in the nation and I feel like as long as we handle what we gotta handle everything will take care of itself,” said Shipp.

The Chargers kick their season off on Saturday, August 19, 2023 in the inaugural Keep Pounding Classic, as they take on Northwestern High School out of Rock Hill, SC in the first ever high school football game to be played in Bank of America Stadium.